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Cygnet Health Care offers a range of neurological services for individuals with acquired brain injuries and neurodegenerative disorders. Our person-centred and flexible model aims to reduce risk, maximise independence, improve quality of life and where possible, help those affected to fully recover.

We have collaboratively created our model of care based on an integrated approach whereby family, service users, commissioners and carers are all involved in the rehabilitation and recovery of the individual.

Our programmes are delivered through our pioneering myPath model, which is adapted to treat service users with neuropsychiatric conditions including acquired brain injuries and neurodegenerative disorders. We place a strong emphasis on service user outcomes, which are measured via our comprehensive range of outcome tools.

Our models allow us to define step by step objectives that cover all areas of an individual’s psychological and behavioural rehabilitation. The key areas of our care models are: Assessment, Treatment and Intervention, Consolidation and Discharge.

Our dedicated clinical teams provide interdisciplinary input including occupational therapy, psychiatry, psychology, physiotherapy, and speech and language therapy.

We never underestimate the importance of family involvement in the care of our service users. Families provide valuable insight into an individual’s character, choices and ambitions. Where appropriate, our inter-disciplinary team will work closely with relatives in order to help their loved ones make a positive difference within their lives. In addition, we recognise that no family is ever prepared and ready to deal with the results of brain injury. Depending on need, our Inter-disciplinary team may offer psychoeducation and guidance to families in order to understand the condition, behavioural disturbances and come to terms with personality change. As part of our guidance, families may be taught rehabilitation techniques, which will help them to support and care for their loved ones.

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