Neuropsychiatric Services

Our person-centred and flexible Neuropsychiatric services aim to reduce risk, maximise independence, improve quality of life and, where possible, help those affected to fully recover.

Typically, our service users will have an acquired brain injury as a result of an accident or a stroke leading to frontal lobe damage, or early onset progressive nervous system dysfunction, which may derive from hereditary and sporadic conditions such as Huntington’s disease.

Our services offer innovative and proactive rehabilitation and residential environments, which maximises our service users’ ability to retain functions such as sequence of movements and speech and language skills. In addition, our clinical input also helps with reduction of unwanted behaviours.

We offer 78 beds across 5 services which provide rehabilitation and step-down services to individuals with neuropsychiatric conditions.

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For Neuropsychiatric Services referrals, please contact our central referral line:

Tel: 0808 164 4450