Adult emergency admissions

We offer a national network of more than 200 beds, to meet the acute needs of people requiring a rapid admission to mental health services including those who may need an intensive care environment.

Our range of emergency and rapid access services for adults include hospitals which can provide psychiatric intensive care units, acute wards, older adult specific services and those for people with a learning disability.

We offer a one hour response time to referrals, with a decision on a placement no more than an hour after we receive adequate clinical information. Where a bed is not immediately available in the preferred service, we can cross-refer to our national network of hospitals with the agreement of the referrer. All of our services have 24 hour medical cover and admissions can occur 24-hours-a-day.

The focus is length of stay and making sure people move as quickly and safely as possible from our services to the most appropriate environment for them. People can step down through the pathways available within Cygnet services, for example from PICU into an acute ward.

Acute Inpatient Mental Health

Our acute inpatient mental health services can support both informal and detained individuals either as direct admissions or stepping down from PICU.


Our Psychiatric Intensive Care Units (PICU) provide a safe and secure environment for emergency short term care and treatment for mental illness.

Older Adults Emergency Admissions

Three of our Older Adults services are able to admit urgent referrals in an emergency. This can include people detained under the Mental Health Act and those who experience behaviour which may be challenging, as well as those who have long-term physical health conditions.

Mental Health with LD / ASD Emergency Admissions

Cygnet Hospital Beckton's specialist mental health with learning disabilities service, Hansa Ward, has a flexible layout meaning that it is able to accommodate service users with high dependency needs with minimal impact on the rest of the ward.