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Anxiety problems and disorders usually happen as a result of a person misinterpreting perfectly normal bodily responses to stressful situations. When these problems start to interfere with your normal daily life then you may need some help to get things back into perspective. If you are worrying a lot of the time, having difficulty in sleeping or feeling sick with worry then that’s the time to start looking for help. Anxiety also commonly exists as a part of depression.

Panic attacks

When you start to misinterpret normal responses to stressful situations as life-threatening this, in turn, causes the normal symptoms of anxiety to intensify and become even more frightening. Choking, dizziness, chest pain or breathlessness may occur together with feeling completely out of control and a need to escape from the situation at all costs. No one ever died from a panic attack, but it doesn’t feel that way when you are having one.

Phobic anxiety

When your fear of an object or situation is way out of proportion to the actual danger presented by it, then this may be described as a phobia. Symptoms range from unease and discomfort to absolute terror. No amount of encouragement or rationalising from friends and family seems to make any difference.

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