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Support For Carers

There is a growing awareness that those who provide care for others sometimes need help and support to carry out this role. Cygnet values the vital role that carers, families and friends provide and is committed to understanding your needs and if required giving you the help and support you need.
To help us to understand your needs Cygnet services regularly engage with carers, families and friends, we do this in a range of ways for example:

  • Open days (including taster therapy sessions, meet the team, educational talks)
  • Linking with other carers groups in the local area
  • Newsletters
  • Family and friends satisfaction surveys

The 2014 Care Act

The 2014 Care Act places care and support law into a single, clear modern statute for the first time with the principle of individual wellbeing the driving force behind it. The Act aims to ensure that people will have clearer information and advice to help them navigate the system, and a more diverse, high quality range of support to choose from to meet their needs.

For the first time, carers will be put on the same legal footing as the people they care for, with extended rights to assessment, and new entitlements to support to meet their eligible needs. For more information about the Care Act 2014 below to visit the Department of Health website.

The staff that look after the person that you care for will support you with professional advice and information. We also provide information on a range of support networks on our website to find out more click here.

There are also national networks available which have specific information for carers, family and friends please see links below: