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Service Users, Carers, Family & Friends

The views of the individuals who use our services, their families, friends and carers are extremely important to Cygnet. We want to work together with residents, service users and their families to make sure that we are meeting individual needs and providing the treatment, care and support that people rightly expect and deserve.

We believe that people should be at the centre of their own care and help shape their treatment. We think it is your right to know what to expect and where to find more information if it’s needed.

Carers, family members, friends or partners can provide extremely valuable practical and emotional support – we value and respect the significant role that carers, families and friends can play in the recovery and well-being of people using our services. We are committed to supporting those that carry out this vital role.

Cygnet Family & Carer Strategy 2022

Download Cygnet’s Family & Carer Strategy 2022
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Download Cygnet’s Family & Carer Strategy 2022 [Easy Read Version]
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Family and Friends (Carers) Satisfaction Survey

To help us better understand your views and how you feel about the Cygnet please take a few moments to complete our Family and Friends (Carers) Survey.

Family and Friends Satisfaction Questionnaire

Sharing information and confidentiality

Carers and families are able to provide invaluable insight and information that may help the care team who are responsible for the person that is being cared for. Service users have the right to choose how much information we share with others and we have a duty to respect this right.

Sometimes a service user may decide to stop sharing information, we recognise that this might be difficult but we have a legal obligation to respect their wishes. However, we will provide support if this situation arises.

When carers, families and friends share information with us we respect their right to confidentiality and would only breach this, if it is in the best interests of the service user or public safety.