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Concerns and Complaints

We see concerns and complaints as a valuable source of feedback and we try to learn from problems to improve services for everyone. Whatever you think about our services or staff we want to hear from you.

Informal complaints – concerns

There are times when people using our services are unhappy about minor aspects of their care or their environment. We find that the best way to sort things out quickly is to talk to the people who are providing the care, this could be; a support worker, nurse, doctor or service manager. We encourage our staff to work with individuals to find a speedy resolution.

If that doesn’t work then we will support individuals to raise a formal complaint.

Formal Complaints

These are complaints that we have not been able to resolve informally, they can be verbal or in writing. We have a 3 stage process for dealing with formal complaints:

  • Stage 1: Service Manager – Internal Review
  • Stage 2: Operations Director – External Review
  • Stage 3: Director of Nursing

Very often we are able to sort things out at stage 1 which is the service manager review. Set out below is a chart that explains simply the process that we follow for all formal complaints.

If you want to make a formal complaint please do this by making contact either by phone or in writing with the service manager at the relevant Cygnet location. For the contact details of each of our services please visit our Locations page.

If having been through the 3 stage process an individual remains unhappy there is also a further opportunity for NHS patients to take their complaint to the Health Service Ombudsman.

Further details of our Complaints Procedure can be found below and is also readily available at each of our services.

Download Complaints Procedure
235.35 KB

Complaints can also be sent to us online by using the Contact Us page, be sure to mention which service you want to make a complaint about.

Alternatively you can contact the following: