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Walking In Our Shoes: The Cygnet CAMHS Podcast

Welcome to the Walking In Our Shoes: The Cygnet CAMHS Podcast. This podcast is dedicated to showcasing real journeys through our adolescent inpatient wards at Cygnet Hospital Sheffield.

This podcast series is co-produced by some of the young people in our service, as well as some of the parents and carers. The intention behind this series is to showcase the reality of what an inpatient stay on an adolescent ward is like.

Episode 1 – Admission to a CAMHS Ward

This episode is focused on everything to do with an admission to an adolescent mental health ward. We look at questions such as what the differences are between the various types of wards, what happens practically when you get admitted, who do you meet, and what does the experience feel like.

Episode 2 – The role of the Nursing Team

In this episode we look at what a young person can expect after they are admitted, and more specifically what is it actually like being on an inpatient ward. In doing so we will also be thinking about the role of the nursing team and support workers.

Episode 3 – Occupational Therapy and Art Therapy

In this episode we look at the role of Occupational Therapy and Art Therapy on an adolescent inpatient ward. We hear from members of the team and one of the young people at Cygnet Hospital Sheffield who talks about how occupational therapy and art therapy has helped them.

Episode 4 – Education

In this episode we are focused on education and how young people on our adolescent wards continue with their education whilst being an inpatient. Joining the podcast are Katy Edmondson, Head Teacher at Phoenix School, and two of the students at the school.

Episode 5 – Co-production

In the fifth episode of this podcast, we are focused on the idea of co-production and how young people and their parents / carers can get involved in their care and treatment.