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Therapeutic Earnings at Ranaich House

Two residents at Ranaich House, our residential service in Dunblane, have been enjoying the benefits of a therapeutic earning programme during the lockdowns.

When the first lockdown was announced in March 2020 it significantly reduced the options of residents to gain work experience outside of the service. The service’s activities co-ordinator Kirsty discussed options with her peers in some of Cygnet’s other services in Scotland in their weekly activity meeting. Kay Bolton, Regional Director of Occupational Therapy – North Region, told them about the therapeutic earnings program. Kirsty then researched to see if this was possible and then implemented it into Ranaich House. The therapeutic earning programme allows residents to have their own contract of employment and to earn money by working in the service for two hours a week.

One resident, John, had been the un-official postman at the service for a while, it was a job he loved doing. He would wait for the postman and then deliver the mail to the service’s administrator. The team spoke to John and asked him if he would like to be the official postman for the service and get paid for it. Obviously he jumped at the chance as this is a job he is extremely passionate about. John now works Monday to Saturday, he works for two hours and if he works over the two hours he is happy to complete this voluntarily as he loves his work.

Another resident, Steven, was very keen on finding himself a job. The team worked with him and discussed the possible jobs within the house. Steven had previously worked in a café so the kitchen was an ideal area to start. Steven was delighted to be offered the position of kitchen porter where he now covers two lunchtimes and one dinnertime each week. Steven has his own uniform and follows all the COVID-19 government guidelines while he is working.

Sundays are eagerly anticipated by the two gentlemen as they receive their payslips and wages. Kirsty will continue to encourage other residents to gain experience by working and using the therapeutic earning programme. Another resident has expressed interest in this and will hopefully become another kitchen porter this month.

This is an excellent programme to help individuals gain independence, confidence and skills to help rehabilitate back into the community.

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