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The Great Cygnet Christmas Cake off – and the winners are ….

Our Great Cygnet Christmas Cake off competition has now ended and we’ve been absolutely blown away by the amount of entries. Staff and service users have created some truly amazing cake creations, so a huge thank you to everyone who entered.

It was incredibly tough for the judges to choose their top three especially as (much to their disappointment) they weren’t able to taste them. But on looks and effort alone, everyone who took part deserved a prize.

However, after much deliberation they have chosen their final winners which we’re delighted to announce here…

1st place (£100 prize) – Hollyhurst, Darlington

“Every service user at Hollyhurst is present on the cake and each figure of the service user is person centred – you can see that one of our service users is holding his budgie! One cake is ginger as this reminded everyone of Christmas time, and one cake is chocolate, as when we voted for the flavour, this was everyone’s favourite cake flavour.”

2nd place (£75 prize) – Cygnet Appletree, Durham

“Our favourite thing about our cake is almost every patient had input into this cake in their own way adding their own creation!”

3rd place (£50 prize) – Cygnet Sherwood House, East Midlands

“The nursing team sat with the patients and thought of a name and inspirational quote to reflect on the year and the upcoming Christmas season. We have called it “DO-NUT Give up on Christmas!” – When everything feels like an uphill struggle, think of the view from the top!” The cake is made with donuts and chocolate chips, and a talented patient has also created a piece of art to decorate the cake as an amazing back drop for our featured mountain.”

Congratulations not only to our winners but to all the staff and service users who took the time and effort to take part. We hope that you enjoyed baking your cakes, and more importantly, eating them!

It was great to see the fantastic enthusiasm and creativity from around the country. Once again, serving to show us what brilliant teams we have.

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