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Swimming Lessons for Thistle and Cygnet Wallace Hospital

Individuals we support at Thistle House and Cygnet Wallace Hospital have relished the opportunity to attend swimming lessons at Perth Leisure Pool. The leisure centre have kindly offered to close the pool for an hour on a Wednesday afternoon, especially for individuals from the two services. Dave, who is a member of the leisure centre team and retired lifeguard, runs the sessions as their swimming instructor.

When they first arrived at the pool, everyone was immediately impressed by how much space there is and were all very excited to meet Dave! Dave made sure to learn everyone’s names, introduce himself, and took the time to learn a few Makaton signs from one individual. It made everyone feel really welcome and excited to take part.

Dave has been sharing different tricks to learn strokes for swimming, such as the “duck-starfish-penguin” song for breast stroke, and “whirly-arms” for freestyle stroke. He has also been teaching lots of fun things to do in the pool besides swimming, such as how to do handstands and how to be seahorses using the pool noodles! Everyone has been having a lot of fun, and are always excited to come back the following week.

In the most recent sessions, individuals have been enjoying the waterfall feature – some love it as a sensory experience and others have just been enjoying splashing each other. They also turned the water slides on, which everyone loved! They were delighted by how fast they were.

Thank you to Perth Leisure Pool for this fantastic opportunity for the individuals we support!

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