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Singing Swans record two original songs in a recording studio

Service users at Cygnet Lodge Kenton have shown great potential through co-writing, performing and finally recording, two original songs in a recording studio. This took a lot of courage and they are so proud of their achievement, they now want to share their songs with the Cygnet community and beyond.

Our service users created the two songs ‘Accept Me’ and ‘We’re Only Human’ with the support of Kenton Dramatherapist Nicky Morris, within Dramatherapy, Therapeutic Music and Therapeutic Art & Writings groups. On the day of recording, the participants named themselves ‘The Singing Swans’ and chose an evocative image for the CD cover.

The evocative cover of the Singing Swans CD
The evocative cover of the Singing Swans CD


The transition from the therapy space, to live performance and finally into a professional recording studio, was a highly therapeutic process for all the service users involved. Many of them contributed lyrics to both of the songs and sung them in front of an audience made up of their peers, staff, managers and visitors. Although only a few of them were able to visit the recording studio – each of them now has a CD of which they feel very proud.

The Singing Swans CD is a great achievement for Kenton, which our service users are keen to celebrate, share and promote. We have therefore uploaded their songs onto YouTube, where you can now listen to them and share them with others.


Accept Me



We’re Only Human



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