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Seven feathered students join Summit School at Cygnet Joyce Parker Hospital

After having an incubator and some eggs delivered to The Summit School, the staff team and young people have been waiting patiently for the chicks to hatch (and hoping nobody turns the incubator off by mistake!) Helen, the Summit School administrator, shares the story below…

“During the course of the last few days we’re delighted that 7 chicks have hatched in quick succession. We came in one morning and four chicks had hatched, then we were very lucky to be around the see the fifth one hatch. It started off as a tiny little crack at the side and as we waited we could see the little beak poking through… Six and seven weren’t far behind!

“Once they’d hatched we left them to ‘dry out’ for a short while. Then the young people in school met the chicks and helped us move them into their brooder box which gives them more space as well as food and water.

“It’s been great to see the therapeutic benefits of the chicks; our young people have relaxed around them and engaged really well. The chicks are now developing and we’re loving watching them grow. They’ll be with us until the end of the week, when they will go back to the farm.”

One of the young people commented: “I really like to hold the chicks, they are so fluffy and cuddly, it makes me feel calmer just being around them.”

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