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Scottish Learning Disability Week at Ranaich House

It’s been a busy week at Ranaich house, where residents and staff have been enjoying Scottish Learning Disability week. This year the event has a focus on human rights. The Activity Coordinator, Kirsty Dickinson, drew up a plan for the week to align with the Scottish LD official schedule, and adapted activities to suit the needs of the residents.

To start the week off, residents painted and made a human rights tree and drew and coloured a giant picture of Ranaich house, this was the preparation for the activities for later in the week. As the week went on, more activties took place centered around the human rights tree,

Residents and staff each made hand prints for the tree to symbolise the support that staff give to residents, saying “These are the hands that support our service users to uphold their human rights”. Every single resident took part in this which made it a fantastic group project and a great success.

Other activities during the week included a human rights discussion, again using the human right tree to display each staff members and residents view of what human rights means to them. There was also a healthy eating cooking session, where residents made pizzas and smoothies, and finally a group discussion about the future at Ranaich House and the future for each of the residents.

The week has been hugely successful thanks to the support of everyone at Ranaich House, especially Kirsty Dickson and Senior Support worker Hailey McLaughlin.

Our resident involvement had been outstanding and the enthusiasm from residents and staff has been fantastic. We are very proud of our team here at Ranaich for the exceptional work that has been displayed this week. Some of these activities inspired residents to take part in activities that they have never done before, this in its self is a massive achievement that we are very proud of.Kirsty Dickson, Activity Coordinator

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