Safewards Celebration Day

We are delighted to announce that following a successful pilot scheme no fewer than seven wards across Cygnet have achieved excellence when implementing Safewards.

Safewards is an evidence based clinical model that introduces a number of interventions that increase safety and reduce coercion, improves relationship between staff and patients, resulting in fewer incidents, making wards more peaceful places.

The Safewards implementation pilot started in July 2016. An initial Safewards masterclass was facilitated for the seven wards selected to implement Safewards. This event was attended by a minimum of two leads per ward.

All wards received support days and these proved important in both reviewing each wards progress and addressing specific issues for the wards. Most support days included input by Experts by Experience. The involvement of the Experts by Experience was a valuable asset and also ensured that the Service User perspective was considered.

“It’s been an absolute pleasure to have witnessed the positive changes and improvements that Safewards has brought to the daily lives of our services users and their support teams.”Iris Benson & Wayne Saville, Experts by Experience

To celebrate the successful conclusion of the pilot project an event was held in Waterloo on 5th June 2017. The aim of the day was to allow the wards to showcase work completed, to consider the challenges to implementation and how these were overcome, and to identify next steps and support structures to maintain the excellent work completed.

“Safewards is a brilliant model that our staff have really embraced, staff and service users have worked together to implement the components of the Safewards model, we are seeing real improvements in the quality and experience of care. Well done to all involved.”Julie Kerry, Director of Nursing and Patient Experience

Each of the wards received an award to celebrate their successes and to recognise excellence when implementing Safewards across the Safewards teams and service user groups. The seven wards were:

  • Branwell Ward – Cygnet Hospital Wyke
  • Litchurch Ward – Cygnet Hospital Derby
  • Littleoaks Ward – Cygnet Hospital Godden Green
  • Milton Ward – Cygnet Hospital Kewstoke
  • New Dawn Ward – Cygnet Hospital Beckton
  • Primrose Ward – Cygnet Hospital Bury
  • Sanctuary Ward – Cygnet Hospital Harrogate

The day was supported by Geoff Brennan, Executive Director, Bright/Starwards, Nick Horne and Rosalyn Mloyi, Reducing Restrictive Practice Leads, Wayne Saville, Iris Benson and Raf Hamaizia, Experts by Experience and Julie Kerry, Director of Nursing and Patient Experience.

Geoff Brennan said, “Safewards is a deceptively simple change to practice and ward culture that requires commitment, creativity and hard work from anyone who attempts it. I want to congratulate all the leads, on their exemplary dedication to making things better for both staff and service users. All the benefits we have seen on their wards are down to them. I do hope they all stay in touch with the wider Safewards and Star Wards communities as they have a huge amount to contribute.”

The Safewards support team have collated feedback to support the current and future Safewards and are looking forward to working with the six wards that have been successful in their application to be a phase 2 Safeward.

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