Positive changes at Ducks Halt

Changes to make Ducks Halt, one of our residential learning disability services in Essex, the least restrictive environment possible are already seeing benefits for the people supported there.

Ducks Halt started its journey as a complex care service. However, to create the least restrictive and most inclusive support environments for people wherever possible, and in line with the Transforming Care Agenda, the service has been re-registered as a residential service for up to five people.

A number of positive changes have come from the re-registration, including more community access for the people supported there alongside a range of environmental improvements to make the service homelier.

As well as these changes, there have been additions to the team, not least Sandy the rabbit, who has joined the therapy team by popular demand.

Manager Nicola Darby explains, “Ducks Halt offers a care pathway from nearby sister service Cygnet Yew Trees, which provides assessment, treatment and support in a hospital setting. The people supported at Ducks Halt have really settled in to the homely environment, which has seen a number of improvements.

“There’s a real focus on being out in the community and the people supported at Ducks Halt have busy social lives enjoying going to discos, social clubs, bowling and shopping. They’re also focusing on healthy eating, planning meals, cooking and managing their own finances.

“One of the people we support is now fully independent in the community, having made huge progress since coming to us from a placement at Cygnet Yew Trees.

“Sandy the rabbit’s role may not be an official one, but he is certainly a key part of the household. The people we support are actively involved in his care.

“All in all, we’re delighted at the way the service has evolved and the positive outcomes we are already seeing for those we support.”

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