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New Therapeutic Earnings Positions appointed at Ellen Mhor

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Two residents at Ellen Mhor, Dundee, have been taking advantage of the therapeutic earnings programme to gain experiences, develop their skills and boost their confidence whilst earning some money. The therapeutic earning programme allows residents to have their own contract of employment and to earn money by working in the service for two hours a week.

One resident, Gemma*, had talked about wanting to work in a café or restaurant to enable her to make money and be more independent in the future. Due to the government restrictions put in place for the pandemic, this was not possible, however, Gemma jumped at the chance to assume the role of Café Supervisor, where she works for two hours per week at the Ellen Mhor in-house café afternoon. She sets up tables, serves other residents and ensures that everyone enjoys themselves.

“I want to help people. I like serving drinks and cakes. I want to run my own café and smile and serve other people. It helps me and I hope that I can do something like the Café Supervisor when I eventually return to my home town” Gemma, Café Supervisor

Another resident, Sally*, was keen to find herself a job and after discussing possible options with staff, she was glad to start running the Ellen Mhor tuck-shop and hosting their weekly bingo activity, working an hour on both Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. Both Gemma and Sally look forward to receiving their wages and payslips on a Monday morning and Gemma is currently saving her earnings so she can buy furnishings for her house when returns to living in the community.

*Names have been changed to protect their identities

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