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New Low Intensity Groups at Cygnet Hospital Colchester

The Psychology team on Highwoods Ward, Cygnet Hospital Colchester’s new acute service for men, have created a series of Low Intensity Groups suitable for the short stay nature of the service.

The Low Intensity Groups on offer aim to provide a safe therapeutic space in which service users can begin to learn about their difficulties and possible coping strategies. Due to the short nature of admission on an acute service, each session is designed to be standalone without the need for service users to have attended the previous session and the groups are open to all.

“Research has indicated that engagement in CBT group interventions led to increased feelings of cohesion, participants feeling understood and supported and feelings of acceptance. Provision of psychological treatments also contributed to reduction in readmissions and inpatient length of stay on acute wards.” Dawn Miller, CBT Psychotherapist, Highwoods Ward

The current groups on offer are:

  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Coping Skills
  • Understanding Our Emotions
  • Chat Café

In just its second week of running the Mental Health Awareness Group had an attendance rate of 66%. The Mental Health Awareness group is a psychoeducation group which provides information across a broad range of topics associated with mental health difficulties, including a range of diagnoses, associated problems and skills from which difficulties can be managed.

Not only has attendance been high, the engagement and contributions within the group have been very positive too. Service users have demonstrated a keenness to learn, to share their ideas and experiences and to support one another within the group and on the ward in general.

Below is just some of the feedback received by service users:

  • ‘I really enjoyed the group, I learnt loads’
  • ‘I found the group helpful’
  • ‘The group was helpful to think about anger and to learn new skills’
  • ‘The group was really constructive’
  • ‘I really enjoyed the group’

For more information about the service please visit the Highwoods Ward page.

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