Cygnet Health Care – Our new look

Cygnet Health Care has been providing the best quality specialist mental health care in the UK for almost 30 years. We’re extremely proud of our heritage.

As an evolving organisation, we’re also excited about the future. As part of the UHS family of health care services, Cygnet Health Care is growing and evolving to meet the needs of service users and their families and carers and those who commission our services and we believed the time was right to reflect these changes in our visual brand identity.

Cygnet Health Care logo

The evolved Cygnet reflects both our proud heritage and our commitment to the future. The design may be contemporary, however it still shows our caring and nurturing side as well as our values, which will always be our priority at Cygnet.

Our new identity will be more and more visible over the coming weeks and months. You’ll see it used in our hospitals, in our information and on our upcoming new website and in social media.

This is an exciting time for Cygnet Health Care and the perfect time to refresh how we represent ourselves to the outside world – with our history, heritage and experience anchoring us for a bright, positive and evolving future.

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