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Music 2 Empower – ‘I’m alive because of music’

Music 2 Empower is an initiative run by Cygnet Health Care to raise awareness with regards to the positive effects of music therapy whilst showcasing the diverse talents of service users and residents within our services around the country.

In the latest episode of Music 2 Empower we took a trip to see a very talented and experienced musician at Cygnet Hospital Taunton.

Andy has been playing the guitar for over 47 years. In this emotive and touching piece, Andy details his journey and how music has supported him through what he describes as being “severe depression”. Andy explains, “Music has helped me keep my head above water. It has literally kept me alive. At times where I could find no other good reason to carry on.”

Andy then speaks about the opportunities provided to him by Cygnet Health Care, including the importance of access to musical instruments and a space to be able to therapeutically perform. He then finishes with a glimpse of his amazing music in a short but sweet performance of one of his favourite songs.

Please see the full video below:

For more information on Music 2 Empower please check our previous episodes, or get in touch with our Expert by Experience Lead, Raf Hamaizia at [email protected].

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