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Megan’s Survival Kits are an international success

A service user at Cygnet Acer Clinic has gained international attention for her survival kits for individuals who have been admitted to hospital.

Megan originally came up with the idea of the survival kits after her own admission to hospital. The idea was to create packages containing soothing and sensory items to help others like her.

The idea for the kits came to her one day when she was feeling particularly low and asked if she had any post. Megan says that “In hospital, receiving something as little as a letter can brighten up your day. It makes you feel like you’ve been thought about.”

Megan started off by asking for donations either monetary or items that could go into the survival kits. Her first attempt raised £286 which was much more than she imagined. Megan’s Survival Kits was born!

The kits Megan puts together contain a variety of items, such as cuddly toys, toiletries, colouring books as well as a leaflet full of tips about how to manage your mental health. The aim is to provide items that are sensory, soothing and distracting. Megan describes them as “the perfect tool for those who are struggling and in a time of need.”

Megan says, “I received a fantastic response, I never imagined so many people would come together to kick start my project. So far there has been a lot of interest, most surprisingly from people in the Philippines and USA as well! The feedback brings a massive smile to my face.”

Megan describes herself as ‘an ordinary girl with big ambitions to make a change in mental health’ and believes the kits are the perfect start to achieve her goals. She loves helping others and hopes to one day become an occupational therapist.

For more information about this brilliant initiative or to order a survival kit please visit the Megan’s Survival Kits Facebook page.

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