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#Ihadthevaccine – Cygnet Staff in their own words

We are delighted to be launching a campaign in support of our BAME colleagues speaking up about taking the Covid-19 vaccine.

We recognise that some members of the BAME community are hesitant and may be reluctant to have the Covid vaccine. That’s why we want to open up the conversation, listen to the concerns and share information to help people make informed choices – all spoken in the words of our own staff.

Raf Hamaizia our Expert By Experience Lead championed the initiative saying: “Taking part in this co-produced campaign is something that has been both meaningful and illuminating. This was filmed by people with Lived Experience from a BAME background on the experiences of BAME staff about an important issue that impacts us all.

“Raising awareness is a key part of empowering people with the necessary information to make an informed decision. I would like to thank the Cygnet BAME Network and the whole Cygnet team for their support on this initiative.”

Rosalyn Mloyi, Chair of Cygnet’s BAME Network is fully in support of the campaign too: “Although the Cygnet BAME Network is fully conversant with the legacy of discrimination, the historical unethical and inadequate medical practices that have negatively affected BAME communities, the misinformation that has amplified these concerns and empathise with those who have doubts; we fully support the #Ihadthevaccine campaign.

“I ask that we all balance past experiences and future unknowns with the undeniable facts we are faced with now – an unrelenting virus that disproportionately affects and continues to devastate BAME communities.

“I ask that we all consider taking the vaccine to protect ourselves and those around us and hopefully return to some semblance of normalcy where we can once again see and hug our loved ones. We each hold that decision-making power.

“Be bold and take the vaccine. My name is Rosalyn and #Ihadtthevaccine.”

Further videos of Cygnet staff speaking about their own vaccine thoughts and experiences will be shared in the coming days.

We will be sharing the video on our social media channels and you can help support this initiative by liking and sharing the video.

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