Cygnet Hospital Harrow scores 90% in Quality Network Review

Cygnet Hospital Harrow

Cygnet Hospital Harrow has scored 90% in a review by the Quality Network for Forensic Mental Health Services. The hospital achieved 100% ratings in five of the areas assessed, these were, ‘Admission’, ‘Discharge’, ‘Physical Security’, ‘Procedural Security’ and ‘Workforce’.

These scores are the result of a peer review visit to the hospital on 3rd March 2016. The review covered the hospital’s Springs Unit, a 16-bed specialist mental health service for adult males with Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Asperger’s Syndrome (AS) or High Functioning Autism (HFA). Initial feedback from the review identified the following areas as key achievements:

  • The introduction of mobile phones for service users which was seen as a positive step for least restrictive practice
  • The good links the hospital has developed with local community organisations and the strong focus the service has on enabling service users to reintegrate into the community
  • The evident presence of patient involvement throughout the service
  • The good service environment at the hospital including service users being able to personalise their own bedrooms
  • The good range of food options and that all dietary requirements are taken into account

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