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Fun at the farm with Phoenix School

Phoenix School Trip

With lockdown restrictions easing and group leave being back on the cards, the team at Cygnet Hospital Sheffield’s Phoenix School couldn’t wait to finally take their students on school trips again. The first school trip in over a year turned out to be one to remember!

During their visit to Mayfield Alpaca Farm, the skies opened and staff and students were caught in a torrential downpour of heavy rain and ice cold hailstones. Our young people didn’t let this dampen their spirits (although, they had less control over everything else getting soaked) and simply put up their hoods and insisted they continue the trip around the farm.

One young person made friends with ‘Alan’ the pig, who seemed especially grateful when being scratched behind the ears, whilst another young person befriended a pony that devoured several bags of the food pellets that were purchased at the farm.

When the group finished their very cold, very wet, but very lovely tour of the outdoor animals they retreated indoors to the café where everyone enjoyed a hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows on top to help thaw out.

The trip ended with a tour of the more exotic indoor animals where there was a lot of cooing over a family of tiny baby harvest mice, some screams and shudders at a huge tarantula, and lots of laughs at some mischievous meerkats!

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