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Cygnet’s own Raf Hamaizia has article published by the Guardian

Raf Hamaizia, Cygnet’s very own Expert by Experience Lead, has recently had an article published by the Guardian online.

The Guardian run a really thought-provoking series called Blood, Sweat and Tears, which features articles written by those working in healthcare. The stories feature “accounts of moments that have been joyous, life-changing, difficult or just plain awful”.

Raf wrote about a difficult experience he had when he was a service user in a medium-secure psychiatric unit, that had ultimately inspired him to do all he could to improve mental health services for others.

At the time Raf was detained under the Mental Health Act. An independent review of the Mental Health Act has recently been set up and is chaired by Professor Sir Simon Wessely. Raf was privileged and honoured to be asked by Sir Wessely to chair the sub group on Other Ethnic Minorities as part of the wider review.

“The review which was published last week, will give us a real opportunity to create much needed change within the sector with regards to the safeguards and provisions available to people detained under the Mental Health Act.”Raf Hamaizia, Expert by Experience Lead

Raf hopes that by sharing his story in the Guardian he can provide some hope and inspiration for people who may find themselves in a similar situation.

Click here to read Raf’s article

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