Cygnet Sherwood Lodge to open Forest School

Cygnet Sherwood Lodge are very excited to announce the launch of what they believe is the first adaptation of Forest Schools in an adult learning disability setting.

Forest Schools are long term programmes within a natural space, led by a qualified practitioner. They focus on developing personal, social and emotional life skills through learner led, nature-based learning.

Experiences are all formulated so they are within the capabilities of every person within the group (small achievable tasks). Teamwork skills are developed through problem solving, exploring, discovering and developing threads and journeys throughout the days. Individual skills and a sense of self-worth, self-image and self-concept (self-esteem) are heightened throughout the programmes opportunities presented.

The driving force behind the creation of a Forest School at Cygnet Sherwood Lodge is therapy coordinator Sarah Berry. Sarah has been attending Forest Schools training and hopes to gain the full qualification by mid-2019. After completing her practical training Sarah had the knowledge and insight to understand how a Forest Schools site should look whilst adhering to health and safety and risk management.

“We will deliver a bespoke patient-centred programme for each individual involved to help them build and adapt new skills. All patients will be supported to make their own portfolio to capture their work and achievements.”Sarah Berry, Therapy Coordinator

Sarah assessed the site with the estates manager and has identified a group of patients who have worked tirelessly to clear the area, then gathering natural materials to create the setting and have had generous donations of some materials. From start to finish this has been a great team effort and this would not have been possible without support from all involved and the management team.

Sarah and the team at Sherwood Lodge will be holding an official opening of their Forest School later this month and we wish them all the best with this fantastic new programme.

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