Cygnet service users shortlisted for 2017 National Service User Awards

We are proud to announce that no fewer than eight service user led projects from Cygnet hospitals have been shortlisted as finalists in the National Service User Awards 2017.


Cygnet Hospital Derby has four projects in the final – in the “Health and Wellbeing”, “Breaking Down Barriers / Tackling Stigma” and “Outstanding Service User Achievement” categories:

“Learning Together – Our Recovery College Journey” – Nominated for a Health and Wellbeing Award
In April 2016 Cygnet Hospital Derby began the process of setting up their own Recovery College. Service users have learnt together as a team to create the Recovery Academy including creating a prospectus and a regular newsletter.

“Smoking Cessation Lead” – Nominated for a Health and Wellbeing Award
Cygnet Hospital Derby will be going smoke free in April 2017 and for the last year they have been preparing for this. Service user N has been their service user lead on this project and has worked hard to ensure service user views and ideas are part of the process.

“Service user led induction and mentorship course” – Nominated for a Breaking Down Barriers / Tackling Stigma Award
Service Users developed an induction book that they will use to mentor new staff and students as part of their introduction to the ward. The induction contains key competencies staff must achieve. A Service User Mentorship Programme was also developed to support service users train to deliver this induction and other training.

“Painting as Therapy – John the Artist” – Nominated for an Outstanding Service User Award
John found painting and art approximately 6 months ago and has used this to express his emotions rather than doing this in a negative way. Subsequently John has tried to use his experience to benefit others by presenting them with art work and more recently becoming a teacher at the Recovery College to teach others the benefits of using painting as therapy.

Cygnet Hospitals Bierley, Bury, Kewstoke and Stevenage also each have a nomination in the final:

“Recovery Scrapbook” – Breaking Down Barriers / Tackling Stigma Award
Having watched videos about people overcoming mental health problems, service users on Cygnet Hospital Bierley’s Bowling Ward felt inspired and hopeful about their own recovery. They decided to collectively capture and record their reflections and hopeful ideas in an animated scrapbook, which they could draw comfort from at times of need and share with struggling others.

“PROM DROM and Empowerment Structure” – nominated for an Outstanding Service User Award
A service user led forum structure that spans 15 wards across Cygnet Hospital Bury and which includes a variety of services such as Deaf, hearing, medium/ low secure and adolescent services. The PROM DROM Empowerment Structure was co-designed alongside service users across all services and aims at ensuring that the voice of service users is heard at every level in the hospital.

“Milton Ward Knitting Group” – nominated for a Community / Social / Vocational Award
Two ladies on Cygnet Hospital Kewstoke’s Milton Ward had an idea. They wanted people to join them; to have conversation, to drink coffee, to eat cake and to knit. They arranged the information flyers themselves, they contacted local coffee shops to ask if they may use their premises and they arranged leaves and transport accordingly. The group has continued to meet regularly and attract increasing numbers.

“Unlabelled” – nominated for a Recovery and the Arts Award
A group of service users at Cygnet Hospital Stevenage have developed, produced and starred in a fictional and unflinching portrayal of the kind of discrimination and bullying that individuals with mental health issues experience. Called ‘Unlabelled’ the aim of the film is to try and help break down the stigma surrounding mental health.

Cygnet Health Care would like to congratulate all the service users nominated for the above projects and wish them every success for the final! The awards ceremony is to be held at Old Trafford, Manchester on Wednesday 19th April 2016.

For a full list of all the finalists please visit the National Service User Awards website.

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