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Cygnet Newham House’s Grand Opening Day

Cygnet Newham House

On Wednesday 1st July we held our grand opening day for Cygnet Newham House, our new neuropsychiatric service for women in Middlesbrough.

The first women-only neuropsychiatric facility in Cygnet Health Care’s national portfolio, Cygnet Newham House will provide treatment and rehabilitation for women aged 18 and over with conditions such as acquired brain injuries (ABI) and those diagnosed with a progressive neurological disease like Huntington’s Disease.

Special guest Lord Patel, recently appointed by Cygnet as senior independent board director, was the guest of honour at a special ribbon cutting ceremony with staff. The official opening day of Cygnet Newham House was arranged in line with social distancing measures and appropriate PPE where required.

Lord Patel said: “I am absolutely delighted to open this fantastic new facility that will provide much needed support for women locally and further afield. Thirty years ago I established one of the first rehabilitation centres for women and I have seen how beneficial and essential these dedicated types of service are. This has clearly been designed with love and care in mind – a home from home for those who stay here – where they will be treated and cared for by talented professionals with wellness always at the heart of all they do.”

Set in a spacious environment, Cygnet Newham House will provide 12 hospital beds and eight transitional care beds in two bungalows offering person-centred care to enable individuals to have the opportunity to live as independently as possible.

The service will also provide up to 60 jobs locally as part of a resource-intensive neuropsychiatry interdisciplinary team, aimed at creating a therapeutic rich environment to enable the best possible outcomes for those being cared for.

David Williams, Manager of Cygnet Newham House said: “While there is increasing provision nationally for neuropsychiatric care, against a background of the growing need for such facilities, surprisingly little is dedicated to female care.

“In fact, whilst male-only units can be found across the country, the provision for dedicated women’s facilities is relatively low. Opening here will significantly fill the growing need for dedicated female neuropsychiatric care facilities.

“We want to build on the neuropsychiatric services we have already at Cygnet by making sure we now have female services in place, and Newham House will enable us to provide that care.”

Plans for the facility, devised over a long period, have been built on the successes of Cygnet’s other specialist units across the country.

Mr Williams added: “Women’s services need to be tailored, this is an important service and we have a culture that looks after women and has women at the heart of what we’re doing.

“We are offering holistic care, but with specialists and experts that allow us to be at the forefront of treatment and care, offering our person-centric approach.

“Care pathways can be very different for different people, but we will have the capability to respond to that. This is where our specialism comes in and we want to understand how that person works. We need to look at the full pathway for the patient, how best to empower them and enable them to be as independent as possible and have the provision to do that.

“This is a really positive step and exciting time for the provision of this care in the North East and nationwide.”

Pending successful registration with the Care Quality Commission the hospital will be opening in August 2020. Referrals are now being accepted.

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