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Cygnet Manor’s ‘Decision Box’ let’s individuals have their say

The Decision Box at Cygnet Manor

Cygnet Manor, our high dependency complex care service in Nottinghamshire for men with learning disabilities and associated complex needs, have introduced a ‘Decision Box’ to give service users a real say in decisions that affect the service.

The original concept of the ‘Decision Box’ was an idea generated at the monthly People’s Council meeting. In the meetings, important ideas are developed in conjunction with everyone who works at and is supported at the service. It was identified that Cygnet Manor needed a new, innovative and inclusive way to enable each individual to have their say.

Decisions on important ideas affecting the daily lives of the individuals at the service are brought to the People’s Council with those in attendance condensing the outcomes to two possible options. These are then put to the vote using the decision box. The box has been designed to include a voting token system to ensure everyone has an opportunity to express their views. The two available options are presented in easy read format.

One of the recent decisions made at Cygnet Manor using this system, was deciding on the new flooring to be installed in one of the corridors. Using the decision box, every service user at Cygnet Manor was given the opportunity to vote for either a new carpet or a vinyl laminate. After the votes were counted the outcome was that vinyl laminate was the preferred flooring among service users. As a result an action plan will be created at the next People’s Council meeting.

“The decision box was a co-produced idea that came out of Cygnet Manor’s People’s Council. It was an especially great idea as it meant we could capture, on particular subjects, the input of people living at the unit who may not of attended People’s Council. By using this method it ensures nobody’s opinion gets left out.”Dwayne Smith, Expert by Experience

Following the early success of the decision box system the team at Cygnet Manor are hoping to utilise it to allow service users to make further inclusive choices on such things as the colours of furnishings, day trip outings and much, much more.

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