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Cygnet Lodge Brighouse achieves AIMS reaccreditation

Cygnet Lodge Brighouse

Congratulations to the team at Cygnet Lodge Brighouse who have successfully achieved their AIMS (Accreditation of Inpatient Mental Health Services) rehabilitation reaccreditation from the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

AIMS is a national project that works with staff, service users and carers to improve the quality of in-patient mental health rehabilitation services. Amongst other things the AIMS peer review team assess standards of care, current facilities, standards of documentation and health records, environmental facilities, and staff training qualifications, support and supervision. Cygnet Lodge Brighouse took part in the initial AIMS pilot project and was one of the first two independent sector services to gain AIMS accreditation in 2011.

In their most recent review the service met 92.5% of the 240 standards it was measured against. The feedback that was received from the peer review team found the following as particularly noteworthy areas of achievement:

  • Carers expressed high levels of confidence in the care their family member is receiving. They feel informed, and know that they can ask for anything from staff if it is needed.
  • Service users are assigned buddies to guide them through the admission process and welcome them to the unit.
  • Service users have access to complementary therapies including meditation, foot spas, wellbeing groups and a PAT Dog.
  • The unit provides a comprehensive welcome pack on admission.
  • The unit environment is homely and has a very limited clinical feel.
  • The review team were particularly impressed with the step-down flat available for service users preparing for discharge.
  • Managers promote positive risk-taking to encourage service user recovery and personal development.

“I am so proud of all of the team at Cygnet Lodge Brighouse for achieving AIMS re-accreditation. The staff team, service users and their families all worked well together to achieve this and we couldn’t be happier for our service – thanks Team Brighouse!”Clare Heaton, Hospital Manager

Cygnet Lodge Brighouse is a high dependency inpatient rehabilitation service for men. The emphasis within the service is on preparing individuals for discharge or to support with longer term optimal functioning.

To find out more information about the service please visit the Cygnet Lodge Brighouse page.

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