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Cygnet Hospital Woking’s Family, Friends and Caregivers Event

On Friday 6th September 2019 Cygnet Hospital Woking hosted their latest Family, Friends and Caregivers event. It was the second of three events that the hospital are holding this year.

The day’s agenda covered a variety of topics delivered by internal and guest speakers, providing attendees with support, information and resources that they would find useful.

Presentations on the day were:

  • ‘The Importance of Physical Health within Mental Health Care Settings’ by Athene Baiete-Coker, Practice Nurse, Cygnet Hospital Woking
  • ‘10 minute Mindfulness’ by Ellie Watson, Assistant Psychologist, Oaktree Ward, Cygnet Hospital Woking
  • ‘An Introduction to Families Anonymous’ by Iain & Angela
  • ‘Spotlight on: Occupational Therapy – Introduction to Sensory’ by Lucy White, Head of Occupational Therapy, Cygnet Hospital Woking
  • ‘Recovery: The Triangle of Care’ by Stellah Tafirenyika, Ward Manager, Cygnet Lodge Woking

Our guest speakers from Families Anonymous kindly shared their own stories and journey in relation to getting the support they needed following the impact of their loved ones substance use. Their story resonated with the families in attendance and was greatly appreciated. There was lots of discussion and questions throughout the day and the team received really positive feedback from those who were able to attend.

With each event our resources continue to grow, including our new ‘Information for Families, Friends and Caregivers’ booklets that cover each of the services at the hospital.

A massive thank you to all the team for their hard work and support in making the day a success and especially to all the speakers for taking time out of their busy schedules to support this forum.

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