Cygnet Hospital Sheffield’s Steps Competition

The Fitness Team at Cygnet Hospital Sheffield recently bought some wearable step counters and ran a steps competition for service users, in order to promote healthier lifestyles by encouraging more activity.

The competition certainly achieved that as for that week, there was a different buzz on the wards with everyone frequently asking each other “how many steps are you on?” Ward staff with their own step counting devices also joined in. Some were encouraging each other, whilst others had their own private contests with the loser of course having a forfeit awaiting them!

Either way, the competition was a success especially as an engagement tool for the Fitness Team and it opened the door for fresh conversations about physical activity. One service user even asked to keep the fitness tracker on for four more weeks in order to set themselves targets to walk more each day.

For another service user, who has never used a gym before and was too intimidated to do so, using a step counter led to her having regular conversations with the fitness instructor and she eventually built up the confidence to start gym sessions. Now, she has three gym sessions per week (which are an hour long!) with the fitness instructor. She absolutely loves it as she can see for herself the positive effects exercise is having on her physical and mental health.

The Fitness Team at Cygnet Hospital Sheffield would like to thank all who helped make the competition a success and they are looking forward to running more.

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