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Cygnet Hospital Sheffield’s Art Exhibition

Cygnet Hospital Sheffield recently held their first formal Art Exhibition. The exhibition gave an opportunity for service users across all four wards (CAMHS and female low secure) to display their artistic talents.

Art Psychotherapist Georgia Wright curated the exhibition. Georgia initially expressed interest in curating an exhibition for the service users to give a platform of recognition for their artistic talents, to encourage art making and bring a sense of purpose and pride to each person who contributed.

Preparation for the exhibition took place over the course of five months to allow the service users to explore the art materials and put together various pieces to show. A total of forty pieces were submitted in the end and these were displayed across four viewing areas.

The exhibition was entitled ‘De Persona’ meaning ‘From the self’ in Latin. The title felt an appropriate theme for the service users to create a piece which felt meaningful to them, whether that be the content of the work or the act of creating the piece itself.

Various staff members of the hospital as well as parents and carers visited the exhibition on the day, giving an opportunity to learn more about the talents within the hospital. The exhibition itself had pieces such as paintings, prints, stop motion film, sculpture, installation and poetry.

As a result of the exhibition, a large portion of the work has remained on the walls of the hospital, and has encouraged service users to continue sharing their artwork.

Thank you to all of the service users and staff who contributed to the success of the event, and in particular to the service users for sharing their inspiring artwork.

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