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Cygnet Hospital Godden Green hold Parents Forum

Cygnet Hospital Godden Green

The team at Cygnet Hospital Godden Green were pleased to welcome parents, carers and professionals at the first parent’s forum on Wednesday 12th December, to hear about the different professional roles and how they can support a young person while they are in hospital.

A short presentation about the hospital and making collaborative decisions about the care of the young people was given by highly specialist family therapist, Maureen Greaves. There were further introductions and short presentations given by Dr Olowe (Consultant Psychiatrist), Alice Davies (Lead Nurse), Ross MacDonald (Head Teacher), Florina Visan (Counselling Psychologist) and Jas Chauhan (Clinical Manager) & Vania Piludu (Psychologist).

Opportunities for questions and feedback from all those present was given and parents felt it was a useful forum to improve communication. There were useful suggestions about improvements that could be made, such as:

  • Inviting volunteers with previous mental health difficulties to give motivational talks
  • Having a young person’s peer to peer council / sessions (this is currently in progress)
  • Providing a forum to discuss other approaches to mental health and the use of medication
  • A photograph board of professionals in the hospital and their roles

One parent commented how he felt the staff team were “very helpful during his daughter’s admission” and commended the care given and communication between the hospital and parents.

All participants were given an information pack about the hospital and common mental health difficulties experienced by young people, including how to promote good sleep hygiene. Parents were supportive of the requirement to promote education alongside the therapeutic timetable and will continue to support boundaries about limiting the use of mobile phones and laptops before bedtime.

The event will be repeated on a regular basis in 2019 to give other opportunities for improved communication and feedback from those involved with the young people in hospital.

The team look forward to welcoming more parents to our next event.

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