Cygnet Hospital Bierley’s Recovery Inspiration work published in Advances in Dual Diagnosis

Cygnet Hospital Bierley

Well done to the Psychology team at Cygnet Hospital Bierley who have had their work on a Recovery Outcomes Inspiration Group published in ‘Advances in Dual Diagnosis’.

The Recovery Inspiration Group was developed by psychologists at Bierley with the aim of promoting hope for recovery for service users in the DBT programme. The intervention invites service users to watch videos featuring personal stories of recovery, followed by a group discussion to reflect on aspects that are hopeful or inspirational.

Dr Kelly Elsegood (Consultant Clinical Psychologist & Head of Psychology) and Dr Rachel Newton (Clinical Psychologist) at Cygnet Hospital Bierley, along with Lucinda Anderson from the University of York, have published a description of the intervention and initial outcomes in Advances in Dual Diagnosis.

The full article, ‘Introducing the Recovery Inspiration Group: promoting hope for recovery with inspirational recovery stories’ can be accessed here:

Briefly, service users unanimously endorsed the group as a worthwhile and validating experience, which they would recommend to others. Analysis of discussions following the videos also suggested that the intervention contributed to a shift in perspectives on recovery.

“The course was a great example of providing hope and inspiration to our service users through hearing stories from people who have similar shared experiences in the community. The videos shown during the course were really impactful and created a discussion amongst service users about their own recovery journeys and their own individual experiences. Cygnet Hospital Bierley continues to be a great example of such initiatives focussed on coproduction and mental health recovery.”Raf Hamaizia, Expert by Experience Lead

The group has since been amended and re-launched as a 6-week Recovery College course, following consultation with experts by experience. The course has been attended by service users from all three long-stay wards at Bierley.

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