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Cygnet Hospital Beckton wins RAID Award

Emmanuel and Jennifer

We are pleased to announce that Cygnet Hospital Beckton have won a RAID Award for excellence in working with challenging behaviour. These annual awards were established by the Association for Psychological Therapies to keep people ‘enthused’ about working with challenging behaviour and enabling those who often exhibit such behaviour to lead rewarding lives for themselves.

The winning entry from Cygnet Hospital Beckton was for establishing recovery pathways of meaningful activity for psychiatric intensive care wards. It describes how the hospital’s female PICU service, Hooper Ward, implements individualised care using graded pathways which have enabled the team to deliver what service users want, need and deserve.

This has facilitated positive recovery outcomes for many by supporting service users to overcome any barriers that prevent them from doing the activities (occupations) that matter to them. It ensures hope, empowerment and opportunity are key themes whilst working with acutely unwell individuals.

“Set in a psychiatric intensive care ward this submission focuses on occupying patients with activities that provide choice, and promote engagement in spite of security requirements.”Judge, RAID Awards

Testimonials from service users suggest this approach has increased people’s independence and satisfaction in all aspects of life in particular in goal attainment, improved daily routine, new learning and improved satisfaction with time use:

‘I have increased confidence to attend groups’
‘I have valued going to the gym and think this is important when you are on a PICU’
‘I enjoyed attending the community social recovery group’
‘I have learnt gardening skills and hope to join the group at MIND’

This recovery approach suggests positive outcomes for our service users evidenced in their clinical records, My Shared Pathway care plans, HONOS scores and occupational therapy MoHO screening tool.

To view all the winning entries visit:

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