Cygnet has Pride

On Saturday 24th August the team at Cygnet Hospital Bury had the pleasure of joining in with Manchester’s Pride Event. The team secured a place in the Annual Pride Parade and joined other organisations in marching through Manchester’s City Centre, showing their support for our service users and staff groups diversity and differences.

This year’s Parade had a theme of ‘Deep Space – a Future of Diversity’ and also celebrated the 50 Year Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots –  The Stonewall uprising marked the start of the Gay Rights Liberation movement in Greenwich Village, New York in June 1969 leading to 50 years of fight for LGBT rights. To celebrate this the team wore specially designed t-shirts and also handed out leaflets that would allow the spectators to gain insight into what services Cygnet offer and the ways we support our service users. The team also had their own glitter, makeup, flags and rainbow accessories – it was a Pride event after all.

“Having had our first taste of the Parade and having experienced the feeling of togetherness and the huge appreciation we are excited and hopeful we can participate again next year – once we have this confirmed, we will plan something bigger and better. ” Jordan Crompton. Ward Manager at Wizard House

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