Cygnet Fountains’s Urban Music Project

Cygnet Fountains, our high dependency inpatient rehabilitation service in Blackburn for men, have developed an Urban Music Project with the aim of raising money for local homelessness charities.

The original idea was developed by the hospital’s occupational therapy team in collaboration with a service user. A successful approach was then made to the Harmony Youth Project in Bolton to hire one of their music studios.

Service users, supported by the staff from the hospital, are able to visit the studio for half a day each month. The time at the music studio includes an onsite producer. There they can develop music using instruments and software at the studio. Service users and staff have enjoyed the positive experience of singing on tracks together.

Having now familiarised themselves with the studio the aim is now to develop a song that will be sold to raise money that will aid the local homeless population.

As many of the service users have experienced homelessness in their past it is a subject that is close to their hearts. In addition to their plans for making a song the service users donate their drinks money once a month from their Pub Group to buy warm drinks and sandwiches to handout to local homeless people.

The team at Cygnet Fountains are hoping that their new song will be ready by the end of September so watch this space for further updates!

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