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Cygnet Delfryn House and Lodge Poster Submissions for Royal College of Psychiatrists Conference

The teams at Cygnet Delfryn House and Lodge have impressed with poster presentations at the Royal College of Psychiatrists Faculty of Rehabilitation and Social Psychiatry Annual Conference. The conference was held online earlier this month.

The event covered a variety of topics within mental health rehabilitation including, communication, co-production and the links between our mental and physical health. The poster presentations were shown between sessions.

Cygnet Delfryn House submitted two posters, the first being ‘Quality Improvement Project for Effective Communication between Inpatient Psychiatric Rehabilitation Unit and Community mental health teams during the COVID-19 Pandemic’. This showcased how, by using the QI model of improvement, the team were able to not only establish better methods of communication between the site and care professionals, but also in turn increase attendance to meetings by service users and external staff. The piece was put together by MDT members Dr. Hina Tahseen, Jade Brown and Rebecca Boothby.

The second of Delfryn House’s submissions was ‘Audit cycle to reduce and improve medication and prescribing errors for in patients by incorporating small qi based projects between baseline audit and re audit alongside pharmacist visits to a male rehabilitation unit.’ The poster showed how an effective routine audit can reduce prescribing errors and improve compliance, the project achieved a 50% reduction in pharmacy actions. This was completed by members of the nursing team; Laura Massey, Sophie Spooner and Anna Tweedie.

Cygnet Delfryn Lodge also submitted a poster, titled ‘Interactive group therapy programme for covid related anxiety’. This outlined a project pioneered by the psychology team to reduce anxiety using a bespoke 10 week programme. They achieved fantastic results finding that 3 out of 4 service users reported the group was helpful in relation to COVID-19 anxiety, and over 85% of participants had reduced anxiety scores (with the remainder staying the same.) Well done to Julie Knight and Jack Prince for their hard work on this.

Dr Hina Tahseen, the, consultant psychiatrist and responsible clinician of Cygnet Delfryn House Cygnet Delfryn House, was extremely proud to share the teams work, saying:

This year, our multidisciplinary teams have been inclined towards quality improvement projects and research and development in order to achieve effective medication management, effective communication between teams for continuity of care, co-production with our patients and well-being of staff and patients especially during the pandemic. We have achieved some incredible results, and are motivated to carry on with these initiatives!

Download the posters below

QI Project Poster
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Nursing Audit Poster
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Reducing anxiety during COVID poster
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