Cygnet Churchill trialling W-rap™ Project

The Occupational Therapy team at Cygnet Churchill, our mental health hospital for men in South London, have partnered with Re-Instate, a local charity working to trial their W-rap™ pack project.

W-rap™ stands for Well-Being, Recovery, Activity Parcels and is an initiative started by the charity Re-Instate. Re-Instate is a charity working to improve employment opportunities, quality of life and well-being for disadvantaged people in the London Borough of Bexley including people experiencing mental ill-health, people with learning disabilities and young people.

Re-Instate have begun delivering specially designed hospital admission W-rap™ packs to Cygnet Churchill. These include personal hygiene products including:

  • Hair and body wash
  • Moisturiser
  • Wash cloths
  • Toothpaste

Emily Courtier, the Head of Occupational Therapy at Cygnet Churchill explains more, “Occupational therapists recognise that our daily routines and activities form part of our identity, and that when we aren’t able to fulfil them it can have a detrimental effect on our health and well-being.

“It is an OT’s role to identify the barriers stopping a person completing these daily tasks and help overcome them. Sometimes, these barriers can be complicated and require intensive interventions and/ or equipment. Other times, it can be a simple case of an individual being admitted at short notice without the chance to pack the items they’ll need.

“The W-rap™ packs will promote dignity for our service users and mean that anyone admitted to Cygnet Churchill will have the items needed to maintain a personal hygiene routine during their hospital admission.”

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