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Cygnet Aspen House’s Bake Off Challenge

Cygnet Aspen House’s Bake Off Challenge recently made a return and was held under their very own tent in the dining room. Service users volunteered to go up against each other to challenge for the prestigious ‘Aspen Star Baker’ award.

Each service user had their own baking station and equipment, with the freedom to choose their own flavours for cookies and scones. The session really tested their planning, sequencing, and problem solving skills with drama unfolding before the spectators eyes with scales breaking, clouds of flour, and mixtures being too wet or too dry. The bakers held it together to produce an amazing line up treats to be tasted by our Hospital Manager, Head of Care and Chef which was deemed ‘the highest quality of baked products to date in this event’.

A firm favourite amongst the judges, staff and servicer users were the bacon, cheese and chilli scones which received the ‘Paul Hollywood handshake’ of approval after receiving 20/20 points by our Head of Care. Unfortunately this was not enough to secure victory for this service user, as her rival competitor claimed victory with her choice of cherry and raisin scones and double chocolate cookies. It was a close battle with only 4 points separating the two. Other bakers made oat and raisin cookies, chocolate chip cookies and raisin cookies, whilst the scone flavours featured chocolate chip scones and raisin scones.

“What a great day, can we do it again?”Service user, Cygnet Aspen House

The day event also saw a ‘guess the sprinkles game’ as well as homemade gift stalls and cake stalls which helped raise £107 towards the Macmillan Cancer Support charity.

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