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Celebrating the Cygnet Annual Psychiatrists Conference and Awards 2021

The inaugural Cygnet Annual Psychiatrists Conference and National Awards Ceremony was hosted virtually on 15th September 2021. The event celebrated all our amazing Cygnet Doctors and Mental Health teams and it was a resounding success!

Dr Jon Van Niekerk, Group Clinical Director, welcomed everyone to the event on behalf of the Conference Committee before handing over to Dr Naresh Rasquinha who expertly facilitated the event throughout the day.

Attendees had the opportunity to hear the latest research and developments in psychiatry from three fantastic keynote speakers. They spoke on the theme of wellbeing and resilience of medical professionals and the importance of taking care of ourselves and each other.

Dr Jon Van Niekerk said: “After such an extraordinary year, the Conference committee and I believed it was important to focus on doctors’ wellbeing as the theme of the conference.

“We have seen so many wonderful examples of our doctors and other clinicians, going above and beyond over the last year and stepping up to contain anxieties, work beyond their role and sacrifice their time and dedication for the benefit of the individuals in their care. It makes me proud to be the Group Clinical Director of these exceptional individuals who are a living embodiment of our values at Cygnet.”

Dame Clare Gerada, Medical Director of the NHS Practitioner Health Programme and Cygnet’s Independent Governance Advisor, spoke on the apt and crucial topic of Doctors, Mental Illness and the Pandemic.

This was followed by an insightful talk on the ‘truth’ about suicide and the effect that patient suicide has on clinicians from Dr Rachel Gibbons, Consultant Psychiatrist and Chair Patient Safety Group, Royal College of Psychiatrists. It was a thought-provoking session and Dr Gibbons talked about how no one should ever be blamed for suicide, that it is ‘a human condition not a mental health condition’ and importantly how clinicians can better support one another in the event of a patient suicide.

Barry Swire, Cygnet Operations Director, spoke about the fantastic TRiM (Trauma Risk Management) and StRaW (Sustaining Resilience at Work) programmes we have here at Cygnet which provide peer to peer mental health support to colleagues who experience workplace stress or trauma.

In the afternoon, delegates could choose to attend two of four workshops all with a focus on CPD for medical professionals. This was an opportunity to share learning and experiences and hear some really inspiring career stories from Cygnet’s medical students and international doctors.

Oral presentations were given by Dr Gbolagade Akintomide, Medical Director & Consultant Psychiatrist, Cygnet Hospital Hexham, Dr Hina Tahseen, Consultant Psychiatrist, Cygnet Delfryn House, and Dr Omer Malik, Medical Director & Consultant Psychiatrist, Cygnet Churchill.

Then it was finally time for the long-awaited awards. Awards were presented by members of the Cygnet Executive and Medical Boards.

Dr Jon Van Niekerk said: “We had a large number of high quality nominations for the different award categories and I’d like to congratulate every single one of those nominated, the finalists and the amazing winners. Our Awards Ceremony for 2021 recognises the achievements and the difference that these motivated, compassionate and value-driven doctors and their teams make for our services users and our residents every single day.”

Swan Award (Award for Outstanding Achievement)

  • WINNER: Rob Kehoe

Medical Educator of the Year

  • WINNER: Nikhil Khisty (Cygnet Hospital Bury)
  • Elena Brewster (Cygnet Wallace Hospital)
  • Laurie van Niekerk (Cygnet Hospital Bury)
  • Omer Malik (Cygnet Churchill)

Innovator of the Year

  • WINNER: Hina Tahseen (Cygnet Delfryn Lodge)

Medical Leader of the Year

  • WINNER: Dave Barker (Cygnet Hospital Taunton)
  • Azmathulla Khan (Cygnet Hospital Harrow)
  • Sohail Zafar (Cygnet Raglan House)
  • Rajesh Rama Iyer (Cygnet Hospital Colchester)

Mental Health Team of the Year

  • WINNER: Cygnet Sherwood House
  • Cygnet Brunel
  • Cygnet Hospital Maidstone
  • Cygnet Elms

Speciality Doctor of the Year

  • WINNER: Diana Serban (Cygnet Sherwood House)
  • Shainy Christopher (Cygnet Hospital Harrow)
  • Hina Tahseen (Cygnet Delfryn Lodge)
  • Onuoha Ogba (Cygnet Hospital Sheffield)

Consultant of the Year

  • WINNER: Victoria Khromova (Cygnet Hospital Sheffield)
  • Logan Naidu (Cygnet Acer Clinic)
  • Mark Luffingham (Cygnet Alders Clinic)
  • Johanna Herrod (Cygnet Brunel)

We are so proud of all the nominees and winners. Congratulations to you all!

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