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Celebrating Diversity at Cygnet Hospital Harrow

The team at Cygnet Hospital Harrow recently held a successful event to celebrate and value diversity.

There was an exhibition of posters and books on the contribution made to British society by African and Caribbean influences. There was also information on icons such as Rosa Parks and Barack Obama. A service user from the Springs Centre did a presentation on Martin Luther King. There were also examples of food that have been incorporated into the British diet such as the mango (Asia, Africa, Brazil), plantain (Africa/Caribbean), olives (Spain), herbs( India) and tea (India and Poland).

Services users participated in a quiz composed by Alex, Ward Manager of Springs Wing. Questions included ‘What did Rosa Parks refuse to do in 1955?’ and ‘Who was the first black president of the USA?’. Prizes included a Bob Marley T-shirt, an African top (donated by an African shop in Luton Market), bandana and a box of chocolates.

A number of service users provided entertainment including a service user from Springs Unit who composed a rap in memory of his brother. Another service user from the Springs Unit did a karaoke version of Bob Marley’s ‘One Love’. Our Psychologist, Edgar, was the DJ and Philip the fitness coach facilitated an exercise to music session.

Chef Elizabeth Rocque provided a diverse menu including, chicken corn on the cob, chili sauce, Spanish frittata, Mexican lamb & bean tortillas, Indian samosas and onion bhajis, as well as a British lemon drizzle cake with vanilla sauce.

The event was a great success and the team would like to thank Dr Khan, Alex, Edgar, Elizabeth, Phillip and the ward managers who encouraged participation, as well as the service users and staff who attended.

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