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Cygnet joins the Cavell Nurses’ Trust ‘Working with’ membership programme

We are delighted to announce that we have joined the Cavell Nurses’ Trust ‘Working with’ membership programme. The Cavell Nurses’ Trust is a national charity offering financial and personal support for nurses.

We have joined the Cavell Nurses’ Trust as an organisation who values the huge contribution that nurses and healthcare assistants make to UK society. We want to play our part in supporting a long-term safety net for nurses when they’re facing crisis.

The launch of the programme comes at a time when Cavell Nurses’ Trust is striving to meet a huge increase in calls for help in the first half of 2017 – 32% up on the previous year. Cavell Nurses’ Trust is here for UK nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants, both working and retired, when they’re suffering personal or financial hardship.

We are proud to announce we are one of the first ten ‘founder members’ of the Cavell Trust’s ‘Working with’ membership programme:

John Orchard, Chief Executive at Cavell Nurses’ Trust said, “At some point in our lives we’ll all need care. This is true for our proud caring professionals too and you can’t read the news without hearing mention of the struggles nursing professionals are facing.

“Working with members we are standing together to get nurses back on their feet. This is vital to organisations which rely on nurses to function and because nurses do so much for us all it’s vital for society too.

The Cavell Trust has recently undertaken some research “Skint, shaken but still caring – buts who is caring for our nurses?”

Not only are nurses twice as likely to suffer financial hardship, but they are three times more likely to face domestic abuse than the public.

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This is appalling and we’re taking action.

“I had no hesitation in joining ‘Working with’ Cavell Nurses’ Trust. We ask a lot of our nurses, and we know that if staff are well supported, patients will receive high quality care. The work and support Cavell Nurses’ Trust offers nurses is so important, we are delighted to be a member.”Julie Kerry, Director of Nursing and Patient Experience, Cygnet

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