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Bierley Bulletin Launched

As many health care services will know, it can be tricky communicating or handing over information and updates to both service users and staff. Cygnet Hospital Bierley have been working on a new initiative to improve communication.

Information can often get lost in translation, and there can be a lack of written communication that both staff and service users can use to refer back to and read what has been going on.

The all new ‘Bierley Bulletin’ was created to remove some of the barriers in communication and ensures that everyone at Cygnet Hospital bierley has access to useful information. The bulletin is styled like a magazine and includes lots of information and updates, as well as inspirational quotes, blogs and sharing best practise.

The magazine has been co-produced by Zain Malik, Involvement Lead, and service users. They are currently advertising vacancies for journalists, editors or photographers.

The magazine is full of articles such as ‘DBT Skill of the Quarter’ and ‘Workout of the Quarter’. There’s also a section called ‘Golden Moment’, where staff or service users are able to put forward a moment they feel encompasses everything amazing about working in care.

These moments can be from staff to staff, service user to service user or even service user to staff. The magazine takes an informal approach to handovers and governance so it is easily digested and appealing.

“This project is an amazing way to get service users involved and engaged in a non-direct way to learn more about information governance and the way hospitals operate. Additionally, it allows service users to be creative with their articles and show off their skills.”Zain Malik, Involvement Lead

We think the Bierley Bulletin looks amazing and can’t wait to see the next edition. You can view the Editors letter page below.

Bierley Bulletin Editors Letter
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