Two Cygnet hospitals gain APT Awards for ‘Excellence in DBT’

We are delighted to announce that Cygnet Hospital Bierley and Cygnet Hospital Stevenage have both been recipients of this year’s APT Awards for Excellence in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT).

The Association of Psychological Therapies (APT) annual awards were established to keep people ‘enthused’ and thinking about how they can apply DBT in their practice. Cygnet Hospital Bierley and Cygnet Hospital won two of the four awards for 2017.

Cygnet Hospital Bierley won their award for a demonstrable commitment to deliver all five functions and corresponding modes of DBT, and to do so consistently and to a high standard.

“By breaking down DBT into five of its key functions and then describing how you tackled each of the five functions and the challenges you faced, this paper makes the reader feel that anybody could do it!”Judge’s comments

Bierley’s submission also showed how the therapy team, led by Dr Kelly Elsegood, routinely engage in a number of quality enhancement initiatives, which include monitoring their programme’s performance in a number of areas.

“It’s great that Kelly and her team have received this award to recognise the high quality of the service available at Cygnet Hospital Bierley….Well done to you all and thank you for your commitment to the improvement of the service.”Jenny McVinnie, Hospital Manager, Cygnet Hospital Bierley

The team at Cygnet Hospital Stevenage won their award after submitting an application outlining the innovative ways they have overcome the challenges of delivering this complex therapy in a secure setting. The DBT team at Stevenage applied for the award so as to inspire others by sharing their creativity and commitment to DBT as the core therapeutic approach at the hospital.

“We felt this was a very good submission indeed: short, clear, and with lots of nice observations and touches. It describes the implementation of DBT in a low and medium secure setting, the challenges that occur in such a setting, and how they were overcome.”Judge’s comments

For more about the awards and further information about the submissions about the two hospitals please visit the APT website.

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