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A poem about Cygnet Aspen Clinic

Staff members at Cygnet Aspen Clinic holding a copy of the poem

The team at Cygnet Aspen Clinic, our specialist service near Doncaster for women with a diagnosis of personality disorder, were delighted to receive a poem recently from a former service user.

Although it had been over two years since she had been discharged the former service user wanted to write something about her experiences at Aspen Clinic and how they had helped her in her recovery journey. She also wanted the poem to help and inspire the women who are currently at the hospital.

Leanne Flint, Team Leader, said, “We were really touched to receive this lovely poem. We now have the poem up on the walls around the ward so that all the ladies and staff can see it.”

Aspen Clinic

From my first day at Aspens to now,
So much has changed and sometimes I question how?
I take a step back to look at my progress,
And I realise my journey has been a success,
All the help from the MDT, nurses and support staff,
From all the times I cried and all the times I laughed,
They were always there through thick and thin,
To help bring out the shine in me buried deep within,
Aspen clinic really do have your best interest at heart,
Now my recovery is in full swing I realise they played a big part,
They are determined to help to the best of their ability,
And dedicated to get each patient to stability,
If you ever need a chat you know you will find a listening ear,
At Aspen Clinic you have nothing to fear,
You can feel assured that Aspen staff will do their best,
They will try everything if it means your mind can rest,
They will sit with you through downs and highs,
(I suspect the staff are superheroes in disguise,)
For they put in all their effort just to make sure you are alright,
When it’s all cold and dark they are the ones to turn on the light,
At the moment you might not see truth behind this rhyme,
But believe me when I say to give it time,
Because although you may not see it now,
One day you will look back and think…wow!

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