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Archive - 2015

Cygnet Lodge Brighouse

Cygnet Lodge Brighouse to become an all-male service

We are pleased to announce that from the end of this year Cygnet Lodge Brighouse will become an all-male service. This move is in response to a clear need for male mental health rehabilitation beds, as seen by the number of referrals to the service over the past twelve months.

Angela Pereira

Cygnet invests in its newly qualified nurses

In recognition of the importance of providing really good support to our newly qualified nurses we are delighted to announce the appointment of Angela Pereira to the new role of Preceptorship Development Manager.

Marmite the ferret was very popular

Cygnet Hospital Beckton’s Fun Week

To mark the transition to a new therapy timetable, and to give service users a break from their usual weekly therapy routine, the Occupational Therapy department at Cygnet Hospital Beckton recently held a Fun Week.

Cygnet Hospital Beckton

Moving towards smoke free services

Cygnet Hospital Beckton and Cygnet Hospital Blackheath are aiming to be the first Cygnet hospitals to provide care and treatment in a smoke free environment and plan to become smoke free in November this year.