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Archive - 2015

Dr Vinaya Bhagat and Dr Teresa Emelle

Medical management changes at Cygnet Sheffield & Woking

We are delighted to announce the appointments of Dr Vinaya Bhagat and Dr Teresa Emelle as interim Medical Directors of Cygnet Hospital Sheffield and Cygnet Hospital Woking respectively. These changes are part of the re-structure of this division since Alpha was acquired by Cygnet.

Staff member Dan Geddes completes his 10km contribution to the cycle challenge

Cygnet Hospital Wyke’s Health Promotion Day

On Friday 9th October Cygnet Hospital Wyke hosted a Health Promotion Day for the service users on all three wards. The aim of the day was to promote and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Wizard House, the new general adolescent service at Cygnet Hospital Bury

Cygnet Hospital Bury opens new general adolescent service

We are pleased to announce that Cygnet Hospital Bury's new Tier 4 general adolescent acute service will open on Monday 12 October 2015. The new service, which replaces one of the PICU wards, will complement the remaining CAMHS PICUs at Cygnet Hospital Bury, thus extending the short-stay care pathways on site.

Cygnet Lodge Brighouse

Cygnet Lodge Brighouse to become an all-male service

We are pleased to announce that from the end of this year Cygnet Lodge Brighouse will become an all-male service. This move is in response to a clear need for male mental health rehabilitation beds, as seen by the number of referrals to the service over the past twelve months.