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Case Study: Alice’s Journey

Alice* is a young lady with a mild learning disability and a personality disorder. Having previously been placed at Cygnet Wallace Hospital, Alice successfully moved on into her own tenancy.

Recently, Alice experienced a behavioural crisis, which had the potential to cause a breakdown in her tenancy. Trying to avoid this, her social worker contacted our team at Alice’s request. Together, we arranged for Alice to be readmitted to re-establish her previously set behavioural goals.

A short term assessment was agreed, with discharge planning commencing from day one. The hospital team worked hard with Alice to agree and achieve her goals. The team also worked collaboratively with the referring authority, maintaining regular communication throughout.

During Alice’s stay at Cygnet Wallace Hospital, she was encouraged to maintain her links with friends and family through phone calls and supervised visits.

After 14 weeks, Alice was able to leave Cygnet Wallace Hospital. She successfully returned to her own tenancy and is continuing to thrive living back in the community.

*Name has been changed to protect their identity

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