Case Study: Success for Gail at Ducks Halt!

A young lady who is supported at Ducks Halt residential learning disability service in Kirby-le-Soken has been working very hard with the team to develop her life skills.

Gail moved into Ducks Halt in the summer of 2017 having spent some time at Cygnet Yew Trees hospital. When Gail arrived at Ducks Halt she was a very different person for a number of reasons, and due to complex needs and behaviours she was unable to access the community.

The team worked gradually with Gail to enable her to go out. They started very slowly by taking her out on very short walks near to Ducks Halt. These excursions gradually got longer over time until Gail and the team were comfortable with just shadowing her on her trips out.

Six months on, Gail is now very confident, and is able to go out on her own, often using public transport independently.

Manager Nicola Darby said, “We are delighted with the progress that Gail has made. She recently spent the day with her boyfriend at Clacton Air Show. This in itself is a huge achievement due to her ability to now cope with large crowds of people.

“Gail is now very confident in accessing the community on her own and knows that the staff team are at the end of the phone if she needs any support while she is out and about. We are all very proud of how far Gail has come over the last year and we will continue to work with her to ensure she can achieve the things she wants out of life.”

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